Online System Center

Why Online System Center?

Online System Center provides Microsoft System Center solutions as sensible, flexible and low-cost cloud services. With this services organisations can reduce the need to use their own data centers and transfer their operational model from self-maintained services to managing their services.

What is Online System Center?

Online System Center covers device management, monitoring of servers and services, and ITSM service management that are based on the solutions of Microsoft System Center product family. It is a modern cloud service the deployment of which does not require major initial investments.

Great features

The Online System Center has browser based Portal for managing settings and launching management consoles as well as Dashboard for Server and Service Monitoring that allows viewing server and services status details from any device from anywhere any time.



Advantages of the cloud service

The Online System Center cloud service is a flexible and inexpensive means to deploy Microsoft's leading systems management solutions. The service also reduces the need for maintaining one's own data center.


To whom?

Online System Center suits all organisations that wish to transfer their IT services to the cloud and at the same time move on from the model of producing a service to managing it. Online System Center is equally suitable for end-user organisations, IT retailers and IT service providers.


Online System Center offers a flexible and low-cost pricing policy. The service does not require major initial investments, nor does it force anyone to engage themselves to long-term contracts. The service is charged as a monthly fee. Request for a tender tailored for your organisation.

Try it out

Seeing is believing. Request for a free 30-day trial to use the Online System Center and explore the modern cloud-based systems management.

How to purchase Online System Center?

When you wish to receive a tender or purchase the Online System Center service, contact the service provider, Onrego Ltd, or your own IT retailer.